What is OGR?

In this post we take a brief look at what OGR means and why it's such a powerful income tool.

Sep 7, 2023

OGR is an acronym for Ongoing Revenue. This is an income that is generated for a business or an individual on a consistent basis over time and really has the power to give you financial freedom if you invest the right amount of time into it.

An income tool like no other

Ongoing revenue is considered a powerful income method for several reasons:

1. Stability and Predictability: Ongoing revenue sources provide a consistent and predictable income stream. This stability can help individuals and businesses better plan their finances and make informed decisions, reducing the uncertainty associated with sporadic or one-time income.

2. Long-Term Sustainability: Ongoing revenue is often more sustainable in the long run compared to one-time windfalls. Businesses that rely on ongoing revenue can build a solid customer base or client list, fostering loyalty and repeat business, which can support their growth and longevity.

3. Cash Flow Management: Ongoing revenue helps maintain a healthy cash flow. It ensures a regular influx of funds, making it easier to cover operational expenses, invest in expansion, and weather financial downturns without relying on loans or emergency measures.

4. Value Creation: Businesses with reliable ongoing revenue streams are often more valuable and attractive to investors and potential buyers. A steady income stream can enhance a company's valuation, potentially leading to better exit opportunities or higher acquisition offers.

5. Time and Resource Efficiency: Ongoing revenue methods often require less effort and resources to maintain once established. For example, a subscription-based business may continue to generate income from existing subscribers with minimal additional marketing or sales efforts, allowing for efficient resource allocation.

Overall, ongoing revenue methods offer financial security, sustainability, and scalability, making them a preferred choice for individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses looking to build a stable and prosperous financial future.

However, it's important to note that establishing and maintaining ongoing revenue streams may require significant upfront investments, marketing efforts, and customer relationship management. This is where we come in…

How we are changing the game

Instead of having to find large sums of capital to invest in OGR businesses, we are bringing you a platform that can get you into the OGR game for as little as R250. By purchasing a business package you will receive SIM cards as well as access to your own business tools that will help you track and manage your SIM network… Now you're ready to make big moves!

Wowza Plus is offering Resellers the chance to earn 5% of all top ups on every SIM they sell FOREVER!

That means all they need to do is sign up, purchase SIMs and sell those SIMs or give them away to others and that's all. Done! Now whenever the new Wowza Plus subscribers recharge their SIM with data or airtime, the Reseller will earn 5%.

Here is an example to help you understand how that works:

12 000 SIMs x R200 monthly spend = R2 400 000 Network Spend

Now you will be eligible to earning 5% of that R2 400 000 which means your monthly payout would be R120 000. The payouts will differ every month as you will have customers who spend more and others who spend less. So this is a numbers game and we would encourage you to take advantage while this window of opportunity is still open.

But that's not all, we are offering Resellers an opportunity to get even more OGR! Get all that information about our Reseller Programme here.

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