Wowza Plus Reseller Programme

What is the Wowza Plus Reseller Programme and why are entrepreneurs so excited about it?

Sep 6, 2023

There are many network marketing opportunities available in the market and while there are those that have potential, most are dead-end streets that only serve to make a few people wealthy who sit at the top. This is where Wowza Plus makes the difference.

A Game-Changing way to Earn

There are 3 ways to earn an income on with Wowza Plus. Let's take a look:

  • Reselling SIMs

  • Generating OGR (Ongoing Revenue)

  • Referral Bonus + Extra OGR

Reselling SIMs

This is a quick way to earn your initial investment back. You simply buy a business package which contains SIM cards. Then you sell each SIM and break-even or sell it with a slight markup and make a profit. This method easily de-risks your investment and sets you up to start making the real earnings… it's time to make OGR!

OGR (Ongoing Revenue)

Once the SIMs are active, you will be eligible to earn a 5% commission on every top up made to that SIM card, in annuity! Yep, you heard right. That means forever, or until that SIM becomes deactivated. It goes without saying then, that the more SIMs you get into the market, the better your OGR is going to look. Here is an example:

12 000 SIMs x R200 monthly spend = R2 400 000 Network Spend

Now you will be eligible to earning 5% of that R2 400 000 which means your monthly payout would be R120 000. The payouts will differ every month as you will have customers who spend more and others who spend less. So this is a numbers game and we would encourage you to take advantage while this window of opportunity is still open.

Referral Bonus + Extra OGR

This is an easy way to earn because you can simply refer other resellers and if they buy a package, you earn 10% of the value of that package as a once-off bonus. So if you refer somebody who buys a R20 000 package, you will be given R2000 as a reward incentive.

But here is where things get interesting…

Extra OGR can be earn by building up Resellers under you. This has a total of 3 levels, with yourself being the first level.

2% Your Level 2's Network Revenue will be paid out to you. So let use the example of 12 000 SIMs again:

  • 12 000 SIMs x R200 monthly spend = R2 400 000, of which you will earn 2%. That equates to R48 000 in Extra OGR at Level 2.

Now let's go down to Level 3 using 12 000 SIMs again:

  • 12 000 SIMs x R200 monthly spend = R2 400 000, of which you will earn 1%. That equates to R24 000 in Extra OGR at Level 1.

So your Extra OGR would be paying you a nice R72 000 per month, in addition to the earnings from your own immediate SIM Network.

What are you waiting for?

Get your hands on your SIMs and get started!

For more information on OGR, click here.

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